The blue jewel

Tour/Activity in Barahona, Dominican Republic

About this activity

Visit the only Larimar mine in the world. The gemstone, discovered in 1974, can only be found in the Dom Rep.

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Larimar mines

An off-road vehicle will pick you up at your hotel at 9:00 am. From El Arroyo you will climb up into the mountains to the only Larimar mine in the world. This stone was discovered in 1974. The stone is scratch resistant, can be polished and is used for various jewelry pieces. Once at the mine, you will be given a guided tour of the mining village. Entry into the tunnels is not recommended and the visit is at your own risk.

Larimar workshop

Back in the village of Bahoruco, you will visit a typical larimar workshop where locals work the stone in their own backyard. You are welcome to bring your own stone, which you can buy in the mines from one of the many vendors, but please ask your guide before making such a purchase.

Villa Miriam

Afterwards, we will visit Villa Miriam, a natural resort located directly on the San Rafael River with natural pools and waterfalls. The refreshing watercourses of the river invite you to swim. If you wish, you can also have lunch here. Afterwards you will be taken back to your hotel.

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